Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

10 contoh kalimat direct & indirect

1 .  John says, “I’m trying to get a taxi.” 
      John says that he is trying to get a taxi.
2 .  Siska says,” The sun rises every morning.
      Siska says that the sun rises every morning.
3 .  He ordered/commanded me to bring his bag there then.
      He ordered me not to bring my bag there.
4 .  He asked, “Do I have a present for you in my bag?”
      He asked me, “ Why do I have to have a present for you in my bag?
5 .  Father asked me : “ Don’t go out”
      Father asked me no to go out 
6 .  He said to me :’’Don’t make the same mistake again”
      He told me not to make the same mistake again 
7 .  She said, “ I have been working here for 3 years”
      She said that he had been working here for 3 years: 
8 .  the man asked me :’’can you speak English?
      the man asked me if/whether I could speak English 
9 .  Rina said, “he will work hard”
      Rina said that he would work hard
10 .He said, “Adi is ill”
      He said that adi was ill

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